The idea of this page is to provide, in a loose order, reading materials for people interested in company strategy, corporate development or business planning. There will be a focus on decision making and dealing with the annoying little fact that the future is uncertain, but other topics that might be interesting for the same audience may appear as well

Contents may include articles, presentations, case studies, magazine article and book reviews or excerpts as well as links to interesting content on other online media. Comments are always welcome, but to maintain a certain degree of professionalism in discussions, they will be visible after review.

As even in companies based in continental Europe, planning departments are often quite international and use English as their primary language, this page is and will be in English. However, recommended reading materials and external links may sometimes only be available in other languages, primarily German.

The page admin and main author is Dr. Holm Gero H├╝mmler, managing director of Uncertainty Managers Consulting GmbH in Bad Homburg, Germany. Other authors are welcome and will of course be linked with their respective companies. If you have any interesting content, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator.